Student Blogs


Photography courses at BUHS require each student to keep a blog using Google Blogger.  

The blog will be used to post all project work as well as a weekly photographic journal that reflects on different photographic opportunities (captured or missed) over the course of the semester. 


Students are required to comment on students blogs as  part of the completed project work and weekly journals.   Comments  should directly reflect on specific visual or written details of the posted work.


Posts and Comments should demonstrate proficiencies of visual artistic qualities of specific skills, photographic vocabulary, and discipline specific language.  


Each post should reflect an understanding of using photographic language to describe the to approach, techniques, camera settings, composition, and digital editing that went into the creation of the posted work. 


Click here for full details of assignment.


Journals Due Every Wednesday!

Comments Due Friday!


Click a Semester to access the list of student Blogs

Spring 2020

Fall 2019

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